SURPRISE! The new album will be released today!

SURPRISE!  The new album will be released today!  For music fans and audiophiles we decided to pre-release the album in HD format.  Today you can download the new album “Awakened to the Sound” in super high definition (96kHz/24bit) or at CD quality definition (16bit) on our website only.  This Thursday (Nov 10th) is still the official release date to buy iTunes mp3s and to order physical CD’s from our website.   CLICK ON TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW ALBUM IN HD NOW!!!!

Notes from Eric:  Why HD audio?

After completing this album, I was blown away by the depth of sound from mastering.  It was one of the first times that the difference between a lower quality mp3 and a high detailed 96k WAV made a world of a difference… a different song, a different experience.  I was bummed to think of what the listeners might miss in the mp3s. It felt like the difference between an original oil painting and a manufactured print.  The fine details, the depths of color, and the over-all impression in the original is vastly different. I’m excited to share the experience of this music. I want listeners to be enveloped into a sound rather than simply blasting tunes on a tiny little phone speaker.  I hope music fans will take this album, find a quiet space with some high quality head-phones or speakers and take a journey with me into “Awakened to the Sound.”