Composition & Arrangement

Artist, composer, arranger, and producer, Eric Owyoung does various commission work for  projects such as film, commercial, string arrangement, etc.  To submit your project request, please click on the email contact ink (bottom of page) with information on the project as well as any general deadlines.  You will receive a response within a short time. 



Eric Owyoung studied classical music and music education at Boston University. His career in classical music began to overlap and transition into rock/pop music as well as the recording industry. As an artist on the EMI record label, he recorded with various prolific, talented producers.

Eventually, his experience led him to produce and mix his own music, which has been featured on various television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Oprah, Sixteen and Pregnant, various MTV shows, and commercials for companies such as Hyundai. His classical music background provides a unique approach to making and teaching modern music.