MMP Students


“Be Mine” - Christian Tristan (Feat. Gideon Roberts)

Student: Christian Tristan - Valencia, Spain

"The MMP program helped push my musical skills to the next level. Eric is an inspiring teacher with a lot of insight regarding arrangement, mixing, song-writing, and production. Essentially, you are learning from the wizard behind Future of Forestry!" - Christian Tristan



“Demo Excerpt” - Zach Smith

Student: Zach Smith - Chattanooga TN

"Taking a genuine interest in you as an artist, Eric tailors a program that is focused and specialized. Working with him saves you from wasting time on what you already know, or sifting through thousands of tutorials for answers that he can quickly solve. The most consistent obstacle we face as artists is the gap between what we envision and the expertise needed to actualize it. The MMP speeds up the process of closing that gap exponentially." - Zach Smith



”Without You” - Kingslynn

Student: David Molina (Kingslynn) - Miami, Fl

“You can only learn so much through YouTube, tutorials and even formal courses. Actual hands on work and direct collaboration on our own music was key in reaching that goal. Being able to get unbiased and experienced feedback throughout most of our album writing/production process was gold for me personally. It really allowed us to break boundaries we had set on ourselves.” - David Molina



“Chasing Magic” - Friend Of Mine

Student: Produced & engineered by Kim Startup - Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

“I totally underestimated the value of being able to sit down with someone like Eric and be challenged and encouraged to look at music production in a way I have never thought of before. Not only did I learn more than I thought would be possible over a five week period, but I discovered a level of creativity in producing, recording and mixing that I never would have tapped into if I didn’t have someone pushing me beyond what I though I was capable of.“ - Kim Startup



“Interstellar” - Rvrboy

student: Landen Belardes - Bakersfield California

"I am very privileged to have gone through the MMP because it has shaped the way I write and record music on a daily basis. Eric was brilliant in meeting me at my skill level and then pushing me to go further than I ever expected.”


MMP is designed for serious musicians who want to be challenged & expand their musical abilities.