What is MMP?

The Music Mentorship Program (MMP) is a private mentoring program run by Eric Owyoung, offering individual music instruction online. Emphasizing the creation of songs, recording, and mixing, the one on one instruction with Eric offers higher learning beyond other internet resources such as instructional videos. The course is customized to your area of desire to learn, and the instruction is basically a live discussion and practice session with Eric over the internet. Using a combination of live video sessions and CD quality live streaming technology, Eric is able to work with your songs while discussing the progress in person. Live screen-casting the session using Pro Tools enables students to view the process while discussing concepts and ideas. Each session is also video captured and given to the students for their own review. Hear what MMP students have to say about the program.


Interested in hearing music thats students are producing during MMP?  


What can I expect from MMP?

We will have many email exchanges in which your questions will be answered in a regular and timely fashion. Musical concepts will be presented and discussed in relation to the project(s) you choose to work on. Initially we will have a Skype or phone conversation to discuss your specific goals. During each following week, we will have regular online sessions to work interactively on musical assignments. In a nutshell, private instruction time.

Unlike an online music course, this program is designed to focus on what YOU are currently working on and creating. This will push you to the next level and your current project will be the medium to work with in order for you to move forward in what you are creatively striving for. If you are not currently working on a project, I can offer structure and guidance in finding material to work with that will help you the most.

Hear what MMP students have to say about the program.

Why was MMP was created?

I learned and studied music as a kid before the world wide web existed. This meant that anyone truly wanting to be educated had to find a way to attend a college. I’m amazed now to see that with YouTube and other internet resources, someone can learn just about anything without having to walk into a single classrooms. However, something extremely vital that is missing in much of the internet education available on the internet is the one-on-one mentorship and direct contact with a real, live, mentor.

The live apprenticeship experience is a valuable but missing component in most musician’s education.
I want to help in guiding musicians who are serious about learning. As you consider applying for this program, think of this mentorship as a short season in which you will have continuous access to a mentor to guide, develop, and help you become more of the musician you want to be.


MMP is designed for serious musicians who want to be challenged and expand their musical abilities and ideas.