Eric Owyoung (ASCAP Real Boy Music 2015)

Set the hour
Lay me down
Listen to the whispers from a page
Written long ago
Want for change
Wait it out
You can only fight for what is found
If its all we know

Love can take a lonely road

You settle out to
To push away
Waning is the harbor from your sight
Freedom sees you miles ahead
We are lost
But we are found
Even through the strain of separateness
It's growing ever   strong instead

Love can take a lonely road

You took your turn
You held the line
Against the night

I'll find a way to crossthe oceans set between us
I'll find a deeper well where trust can make its home
I'll find a way to cross the ocean set between us

You see the sky
And pouring rain
You hear the echoes calling out your name
They called you long ago
You break it down
You lost your ground
You've been standing on a trembling edge
Grasping what you know