Awakened to the Sound mp3 - Digital Download

Awakened to the Sound mp3 - Digital Download


You are purchasing a digital download an immediate download of a compressed universal ZIP file that contains all 12 tracks in MP3 (bit rate 320) format.

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After clicking on the link, the file will begin downloading through your browser.  Please wait for the download to be fully completed before opening, otherwise, it can be corrupt.  You should be able to find it in your downloads folder on your computer.


Yes!!!  All you will need to do is forward the download link to the person you want to give it to (just please be sure NOT to click on the download link or else you will end up expiring the download for them). 


This purchase is for one owner only to have the album in both digital format.  It is not encoded or protected, so you will have the freedom to play it on multiple devices.  Please honor this purchase by NOT distributing either of them to multiple owners, thanks.

Track Listing: 

1 On Giant's Shoulders 

2 Covers You 

3 Homeward 

4 Turn 

5 She Walks in Beauty 

6 Horses 

7 Rest 

8 Edge of the Sea 

9 Canyons 

10 You Are Love 

11 Life Begins Today 

12 The Wait is Done

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