The Piano & Strings Sessions mp3 - Digital Download

The Piano & Strings Sessions mp3 - Digital Download


Future of Forestry is proud to present ‘THE PIANO AND STRINGS SESSIONS'. This album is a compilation of seven songs from FOF’s past discography (including Slow Your Breath Down, Traveler's Song and You), arranged in piano and string instrumentation.

“I’ve been touring and recording rock music as Future of Forestry for almost 10 years now. And after all these years of exploring that genre, I decided do something different. In creating this project, I wanted to let my classical background come to the forefront. I also wanted do something different than what’s already out there. I decided to introduce this new season by rearranging some Forestry songs with classical instruments. No drums, no bass, no guitars, just a piano, 2 violins, a cello, and my voice. Something very unique came out of this experiment, something very special. I know this music will be a new experience for you and I hope you are moved by it.” Eric Owyoung (Future of Forestry)

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Slow Your Breath Down 

As It Was 

Horizon Rainfall 

All I Want 


Travelers Song

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